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Referral Program Rules and Terms
  1.   Referrals must be submitted via this online form. 
  2.  The bonus is only for the referral of individuals that are new to our platform.
  3.  We will contact your referral in order to introduce Thrive to them and talk about open positions.
  4.  Your referral is under no obligation to work with us. If they decide to be part of our network, and if they are placed with one of our clients, you will receive official correspondence from Thrive confirming your eligibility to earn the referral bonus.
  5. The bonus is only unlocked when the individual is hired and passes their trial period successfully.
  6. The referral bonus is calculated on the basis of 30% of the base salary of one monthly wage of the person you have referred exclusive of all taxes and other contributions. All amounts are to be converted to USD.
  7. information provided on the referral form will be used to contact you and obtain additional information for the payment of the bonus.   
  8. Thrive reserves the right to cancel the Referral Bonus Program at any time and for any reason with the exclusion of executives that are already placed and waiting for payment.
  9. No purchase is required.